If you wish to discuss availability of appointments, or make a booking:

Email: appointment@relatemk.org

Speak to a member of our admin team: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm (3.00pm Friday)

01908 310010, 07484 096166 or 07484 096479 (this number is only available at limited times).

Alternatively, if you send us your phone number a member of the admin team will call you, please note this will be from a withheld number.

 Ask about our ‘on the day’ and ‘next day’ assessment appointments which, if available, we can offer at the reduced cost of £35. Please note these appointments fall outside of our cancellation policy.

You can also complete and return an ‘Availability for Assessment Appointment’ form and we will add you to our waiting list.

Service Delivery:

Webcam (zoom) and telephone appointments for all of our services Monday – Saturday, at various times during the day and of an evening, last appointment start time 8.00pm.

 In the room (face to face) counselling for individuals and couples Monday 10.00am – last appointment start time 3.30pm and Tuesday 2.00am – last appointment start time 4.00pm.

In the room (face to face) counselling for individuals Tuesday and Thursday 10.00am – last appointment start time 12.00pm.

 We may be able to offer you financial support if you are unable to pay the full cost of our services. Speak to a member of our admin team for more information.

Services and Costs (per session):

£55 Counselling for couples (Zoom, Telephone, F2F)

£55 Counselling for individuals (Zoom, Telephone, F2F)

£55 Young People’s Counselling (from 11 years of age) (Zoom, or Telephone)

£60 Family Counselling (Zoom or Telephone)

£70 Psychosexual Therapy (sex therapy) (Zoom or Telephone)

We also offer Couple Therapy for Depression and Family Mediation; you will be advised of the cost of these services by the therapist or the mediator.

Please be advised we operate a prepayment system, i.e., you will need to make payment at the time of booking before we can confirm the appointment.


Before counselling can begin the counsellor will be gathering information and assessing which Relate service might be most helpful to you or if an external resource would be more appropriate. Our only aim is to ensure that clients receive the most useful resource for their current situation.

If you are attending for couple counselling the assessment process will comprise of both individual as well as joint time with a practitioner. If you choose to attend the first appointment alone but then decide you would like couple counselling with your partner, then your partner would also need to book an assessment appointment.

We cannot offer ongoing counselling to any couple who decline to meet with us individually as well as jointly.

We cannot work with clients if there has been recent police involvement, or if they are involved in ongoing court proceedings.

Appointment times are 50 minutes and you will be required to complete and return some paperwork prior to your first appointment.

At the end of the first assessment appointment, and if appropriate (see above), the counsellor will either offer you another appointment, or they will advise that you will go on to our waiting list until we are able to offer you further appointments.

N.B. the counsellor who you see for your first assessment appointment may not be the counsellor you see for future appointments.

Following assessment, if you are offered ongoing counselling appointments, the appointments will be weekly and will normally be on the same day and time.

Client cancellation or non-attendance:

We require a minimum of 2 working days’ notice prior to the date of your appointment, within office hours (see above), should you wish to cancel or re-schedule; failure to do so will mean you will lose your payment. If sufficient notice is given your payment will either be transferred to another appointment or reimbursed, minus a £5 admin fee.

Please note we are unable to take calls or respond to emails of a weekend or on a Bank Holiday, therefore, these are not classed as working days.

Our cancellation policy is not applicable to reduced cost, or late booking appointments

Funded Appointments:

Relate also has contracts with the following organisations, which, if you qualify, will entitle you to a number of funded sessions. If you, or a person who will be attending sessions with you, are associated with one of these organisations, please inform us and we will advise you of the process to accessing the funded sessions.

RNRMC – Royal Navy and Royal Marines, Serving and Veterans

Grocery Aid – Grocery Sector workers

The Brain Tumour Charity – People impacted by brain tumour

RAFB – Royal Air Force, Serving and Veterans

Seafarers – People who work at sea but who are not in the military

LTC – People who work in the alcohol industry

Retail TRUST – Must work for an employer who uses Retail Trust (employees will know this)

CABA – Chartered Accountants who are past or present members of ICAEW or ACA

Bank Workers Charity – Current and former bank staff