Since the law changed in 2014, there has also been an increased demand for mediation services  The Government stated that separating parents must first consider using mediation to resolve their issues around divorce and separation before applying to the courts.

Family Mediators offer help in many aspects of separation and divorce, including issues such as child care arrangements, financial concerns and the separating of assets. Mediation is a cost effective way of resolving a dispute when weighed up against a long drawn out legal battle.

AVIVA report – 11th January 2018 “the average costs of a divorce has risen to £14561. That is without a major dispute.

Our Charges are:

MIAM (mediation information & assessment meeting) – £125.00.

Further meetings £100 an hour, per person. Average number of meetings 3 to 4.

Time frames – Legal route can take years – Mediation a few months.

Maggie Macleod, Centre Manager said: ‘We are delighted that we are able to provide a Family Mediation Service at Relate Milton Keynes. Family Mediation will compliment all of our existing services in providing essential support for individuals, couples and families.  When it comes to a break up most people have no idea where to start, it’s very daunting and confusing, so being offered a structured point in the right direction is a great way to help our clients. Our qualified Family Mediator will provide a quality, professional service’.

Lesa Clarke, Family Mediator at Relate Milton Keynes said:  ‘I hope that our Mediation Service becomes a person’s first call when separating or it can be used for those who have been in dispute for some time and are at a standstill. Couples need to move forward and not get bogged down with conflict that can go on for years creating upset and costing in terms of money and energy. We look after our clients and support them through this journey. Working towards a resolution is our primary goal’.

To find out more about our Mediation Service:

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