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My partner hit me… I’m devastated

After 15 years with the love of my life, things have imploded. I believe my partner is either a functioning alcoholic or alcohol dependent, and things have been getting worse since her children left home for university. Two weeks ago for no reason during a row she hit me. I’m in my fifties, I have… Read more »

Am I addicted to love?

I’ve only had one serious relationship, it ended some years ago but I still can’t get over it. I miss my ex often, sometimes in a physical and overwhelming way that feels like a kind of madness. The only respite is when I meet someone new to be crazy about. I recently realised I have… Read more »

My partner wants to get married but I’m not ready

It’s not uncommon for a couple have different degrees of readiness when it comes to commitment or marriage. Perhaps your partner’s started dropping hints and you’re not quite sure how to react. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where it’s clear they’re expecting you to ask. Or perhaps you’ve started to argue about it and aren’t… Read more »