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How to stop arguments spinning out of control: using time outs

Have you noticed that arguments with your partner often blow up before getting resolved? Do disagreements easily pass the point of no return? Do you sometimes both say things you’ll regret later before one of you storms out? Are issues only ironed out after an apology? Many couples bring this destructive pattern of conflict to… Read more »

10 tips for a happy relationship

1. Talk constructively How you say things is as important as what you’re saying. If you and your partner are having a disagreement, don’t just attack them or go all-out criticising. Why not try using ‘I’ statements? By saying ‘I feel’ rather than ‘You always…’ you’re taking responsibility for your emotions and your partner won’t… Read more »

Why is sex so important?

Our sex lives can be wonderfully reassuring when they go well, but we all have times when we don’t feel so close to our partner and sex isn’t working the way we’d like it to. That’s why we’ve published The Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy with Vermillion. The book aims aims to help people… Read more »